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We offer unsurpassed expertise in the areas of: 


Business Succession:  Creating honorable exit alternatives for the entrepreneur in the closely-owned business utilizing methods that provide orderly transition while focusing on issues of equalization, control and liquidity. 


 Succession planning for the business owner is perhaps the most difficult of all long-term business issues.  So much is at stake.  Like an artist selling his favorite work or a parent letting go the apron strings, the owner of a hand-built business often feels great reluctance to sell and step aside giving up control. 


Focusing on key issues and planning how to control the transfer of a business interest is critical.  What are your objectives and what have you done about them?



  • Turning your business over to family - once they are competent to run it
  • Guaranteeing you will be paid for it - even if the people who buy your business run it down.
  • Fixing the selling price of your business - and making sure you get it
  • Deciding when to get out of it, what you want out of it, and how to get what you want - when you want it.
  • Controlling who your partners become when your current partners are gone.
  • Retiring with pride, dignity and enough money.
  • Cashing out the interest of an owner who is too sick or hurt to work for a long time.


         Our planning makes business succession successful.


Estate Conservation:  Illustrating ideas to minimize estate taxes and future taxable growth of real taxable wealth.


Wealth preservation and transfer costs are constantly changing.  Terminal tax liquidity is often an unknown burden for the most planful people of means.  As situations change the best plans need adjusting.


We treat estate planning as an ongoing process of review and adjustment - and no place for complacency.


It is not a stroke of brilliance that makes an estate plan right; it is the methodical examination of the facts, weighed against your goals, by someone who really knows you and the real issues of business ownership.  We understand people with net worth they want to protect.  We share the interests of business owners, and the pressing issues and joys of ownership.  We also know what retiring from a long professional career is all about, and how difficult personal planning can become when you'd rather be doing other things.


Our careful approach to estate planning examines contingencies and alternatives until you are satisfied with our recommendations...or you pay nothing for our work. 


For owners and others who want to reap the benefits of controlling tomorrow, we offer estate plans that



  • leave intact what you want to pass on to others, for transter in the manner you wish
  • assure your getting out of your business exactly what you deserve, not just getting out of your business
  • provide time for children to grow up in the business
  • assure parity for the children who should not inherit your business
  • minimize the inevitable tax bite


Regardless of the size of the puzzle that must be assembled to achieve your vision, no detail can be left out.  We believe that to be professional means to do all the routine tasks correctly every time.


Wealth Accumulation:  Providing solid programs to build new, tax deferred, personal, corporate and retirement investments.  Specializing in plans to manage market risk while maintaining liquidity and flexibility.


Investing for the future you want - to achieve success by your own standards - cannot be a part-time job in this turbulent, always changing world.  Your money counts.  Your unique style and feelings about your money count too.  That's why your financial planning and investment advisors need to know you, share your vision, and be able to suit your strategies and portfolios to who you are... not some idea they have of what you should be.


Our practice leads you through a continuous process of financial decision-making that makes sure we understand you and what you really want to accomplish.  Only then do we show you options, innovations and make our relevant recommendations.


The only good way to predict the future is to create it.  Only one safe passage lies through the maze of planning and investment options you face.  Plot your course.


We approach each case fresh, with sensible, down-to-earth, straight-forward thinking you will find both refreshing and compelling.



  • No mass-produced plans pulled together from a can of standard options
  • No fancy bells and whistles that attract by distracting you from fundamental issues
  • No prima donna planning to raise the eyebrows of your other professional advisors
  • Just clear, clean strategies to meet your real goals


       We keep the complex uncomplicated.


Insurance Liquidity:  Purchasing life insurance has risks and hazards as well as opportunities.  The only promises an insurance company makes when it sells a product are the contractual guarantees.  Sales illustrations are not promises or guarantees.  Rather, they are hypothetical illustrations of what might happen if certain (undisclosed) assumptions come true.


To reasonably assure that you will achieve the long-term result you want at the time you purchase insurance, the procedural standard of Due Care should be applied to assess the offers and enable your making informed decisions.


To decide the suitability of an offer, we perform Due Care and evaluate



  • The Need - based on your goals and situation.  Example: deciding whether the estate tax should be paid upon the death of the first or second spouse.
  • The Type Contract - that meets the need. Example: Knowing when to choose first or second to die life insurance; or universal, variable or whole life.
  • The Insurer - evaluation of the insurers offering proposals, to decide if they are strong enough to keep their contractual promises.
  • The Cost - because the best value may not be the lowest premium, and the cheapest premium may really cost you the most.
  • Your Risk Tolerance - risk management must consider risk tolerance.  Informed buyers assess and compare the policies offered and decide how much risk they will accept. 


Taxation, especially frequent changes in the laws, impacts everyone.  This is an area of concentration fundamental to our strategizing.